What is Parent Coaching?

Parent-Coaching is an ongoing collaborative relationship, an alliance, and a partnership between an empathetic, caring, committed, experienced, professionally trained and certified coach and a generally healthy and otherwise well functioning parent-cleint.

The process of parent-coaching is value-oriented and aims to help the client develop clarity about what is of most importance to the parent in raising their child. Through the coaching process, the parent develops a parenting vision and establishes clear, preferred outcomes. Additionally the process enables the implementation of action steps compatible with, and leading toward the attainment of desired parenting goals. 

The parent-coaching relationship is a gentle, nurturing, and intimate process that involves inquiry and self-discovery, and provides the client with an ongoing structure of assistance, accountability and support. Through the utilization and implementation of effective communication skills, asking evocative questions, education, and by using positive amplifying feedback, the coach assists the parent-client in raising self-awareness, increase self-care, identify and build on existing strengths and capabilities, as well as facilitate the development of new capabilities and skills. Ultimately, the client becomes empowered to take responsibility for the attainment of the identified most valued parenting vision and goals, and by that, realize wellness in her or his life and experience an overall enhanced quality of family life.

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