What is Recovery Parent-Coaching?

Recovery Parent-Coaching is designed specifically for parents who are dealing with their adolescent or adult child’s substance abuse and/or other various addictions.

Dr. Talia Ziv is a clinical psychologist, a certified Life Coach and a Parent-Coach who has a unique specialty in both addiction and the recovery process, combined with expertise in relationship-enhancement. Dr. Ziv has been assisting individuals, couples, families and parents who are dealing with addictions, to re-connect and to re-establish harmony and love in their relationships. As a result, individuals and families experience wellness, contentment and life satisfaction and an overall enhancement of the quality of their life. 

Through parent coaching, parents will develop and enhance their knowledge of addiction and develop understanding of how family members and family dynamics are impacted when alcohol or drugs are used by a child and or by a family member. Through parent coaching, parents learn more effective ways to deal with their circumstances and are guided and supported to boost their self- care. Through the coaching process, parents are assisted in identifying their core-values and in creating their preferred parenting-future. Parents who engage in the coaching process develop their parenting dream that is more compatible with their values. Via the coaching process parents are supported in designing and carrying out appropriate action plans that culminate in the realization of their preferred reality.  

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