About  Dr. Talia Ziv


Talia Ziv is a Life and Parent Coach, and a clinical psychologist working with individuals, adults and adolescents, couples, parents, families, and groups, providing assistance in designing, implementing, and living a life filled with satisfaction and love: A life of optimal contentment and happiness!


Talia is a Master Addiction Counselor, Certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, and a Certified Advanced Imago Relationship Therapist. Talia is also a Certified Life Coach, awarded by the College of Executive Coaching, and a Certified Parent Coach, awarded by the Parent Coach Institute, (PCI) in conjunction with Seattle Pacific University. She holds the distinguished status of Psychologist Diplomate and Psychologist Fellow, as well as a Certified Relationship Specialist, awarded by The American Psychotherapy Association. 

Talia’s expertise is in Relational Recovery-Life Coaching; assisting people, couples, families, parents in enhancing their recovery process and helping them develop the skills necessary for establishing a satisfying relational life, while maintaining long term abstinence and developing a resilient recovery life. Dr. Ziv is dedicated to coaching people to live intentionally, and in so doing, enhance their life-satisfaction and boost the overall quality of life. Talia’s coaching approach is grounded in humanistic and existential philosophies, greatly inspired and influenced by the theories and practices of Positive Psychology and Appreciative Inquiry. Talia strongly believes that through the process of Relational Life Satisfaction and Quality of Life Coaching, tapping into personal values, needs, aspirations, focusing on strengths, and resources, clients can develop resilience and flourish in ways never before experienced.


Relational Life Satisfaction & Quality of Life Coaching ultimately helps people become happier and more resilient individuals, better able to function and cope with the ever changing demands of personal, relational, and professional life. Through Relational Life and Parent Coaching, individuals, parents, couples and families become more emotionally and relationally competent, and resilient in the face of challenging and stressful life circumstances. Relational Recovery Life Coaching thereby contributes to a greater sense of contentment and happiness and an overall enhancement of one’s Life Satisfaction and Quality of Life.


Areas for Relational Recovery Life and Parent Coaching include:


Relational and Emotional Competence Development:


Personal Competence:

Self Competence: Self-Awareness

Emotional Self Awareness

Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence


Emotional Management ( impulse control, self-Control)





Relational Competence: 

Relational Awareness

Relational Skills

Conflict Management

Communication Skills



Compassion and Caring


Value Clarification, Vision and Goal Development:


Health and Well-Being

Resilient Recovery (relapse prevention and long term maintenance and recovery)
Relational Resilience: (family, couples, parenting, work, friendships, siblings,

                                   extended family, divorced family)


Life Balance
Life Transitions
Growth and Development
Leisure and Play/Fun

Life Meaning and Purpose

If life satisfaction, contentment and increased happiness is the life that you envision for yourself, if the possibility of designing and living a life you love is what you wish for, please don’t wait any longer and contact Talia right away! Coaching sessions can be provided in person as well as on the phone, with the intention to make coaching as available and accessible as possible.

To explore what is possible for you and for the enhancement of the Quality of your life through Relational Life Satisfaction & Quality of Life Coaching, please do not hesitate to contact Talia by phone at: 248.855.0222,
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