What is Imago Relationship Therapy?

Imago relationship theory and practice is a powerful way of being in relationship. Imago therapy and coaching helps people develop the understanding of how relationships really work and enhances their relational competence, thus developing relational resilience. 

Imago work is based on the premise that early childhood experiences form an unconscious template, or an image; an IMAGO which plays a powerful role in the formation of our identity and influences our choice in partner selection. These unconscious factors, that initially attract us to our partners, later on grow and develop into a source of conflict and a powerful relational struggle, which ultimately threaten our significant intimate relationships. Imago therapy and coaching help people develop the necessary awareness of behavioral patterns and self-defeating coping strategies, such as various addictions, and provides the tools to help us transform our ineffective relational experiences into long lasting positive ones

Imago therapy and coaching provide individuals, couples, parents and families with the pathways and skills necessary for understanding relational patterns that become the obstacles for having the loving relationships we all wish for. It enables us to heal old childhood wounds, and contributes to and enhances our relational resilience. Through emotional and relational growth, we learn how to have the love we want and deserve, and thus enhance the overall quality of our life.

Imago Relationship Therapy is best illustrated in the best-selling book by Harville Hendrix: Getting The Love You Want.

For more information about Imago Relationships, click www.GettingTheLoveYouWant.com  or ImagoRelationships.org

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