Recovery and Renewal Coaching

There is more to recovery than being sober, maintaining abstinence, and preventing relapse. Recovery & Renewal Coaching offers an intentional way of living life that only begins with sobriety and maintenance of abstinence-- necessary but not sufficient conditions-- and is followed by an intentional focus on Quality of Life enhancement, the crucial component for life-long recovery, happiness and life satisfaction. Central to Quality of Life enhancement is the belief that people possess the innate desire to grow, develop, and seek a sense of physical, mental, and social well-being. As such, Recovery & Renewal Coaching supports people in building on their strengths, capabilities and talents, not to focus only on managing their addiction and preventing relapse, but also on developing resilience and moving forward toward satisfaction and wellness in their lives.


My expertise and experience is in coaching individuals, couples, parents and families, adults and adolescents, who are affected by addiction, such as chemical dependency, gambling, eating disorders, co-dependency, and who are seeking to create and live a more satisfying personal, relational and professional life; designing and living their preferred life.

Recovery & Renewal Coaching includes the following stages:

1.   Stabilization: Developing the understanding, knowledge and skills necessary for maintenance of long-term abstinence and recovery.

2.   Quality Of Life Enhancement:  Developing and enhancing physical, mental, relational and social well-being.

3.   Stability and Renewal: Focusing on the maintenance as well as on the ongoing development of subjective well-being through Quality of Life Enhancement coaching.

Become a C.I.A. agent of your life: designing and living your preferred life, is a life-long process that requires your Commitment, Intentionality/Integrity and Accountability to producing the results that you want.